travel story #1.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

sorry i have been so MIA lately, but i've been a traveling fool. 

i'll catch you up on my first trip... SAN FRANCISCO.

i went to san fran to visit my bestie, carmen. it was such a great weekend! full of relaxing, good food and wine, cool weather, hikes, and of course a little baseball. it was so wonderful to catch up with carmen, meet her sweet boyfriend, and snuggle up with her amazingly well behaved doggie serena. 

i can't wait to go back!

alamo heights.. 1/2 a block from Carmen's place.. LUCKY!

at&t park.. gorgeous!

me and carmen at the game

at&t park at night

me, jared, and carmen after the game

jared and carmen

so pretty.
part of our hike. thats looking up.. haha

some marine life.

me carmen and serena


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  1. Awww what a fun trip! I LOVE Carmen's dog too! Alex and I want a dog just like that!


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