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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i know, another venting post, but i promise this one is all in good fun!
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  • our dogs are spoiled and won't eat their food unless there is olive oil drizzled on top of it. do you know how much olive oil costs?! for dogs?! we started when it was really dry out and they had itchy skin, and now they just are picky and won't eat unless there is some oily goodness on their food. UGH. dogs...
  • people who "HATE" valentines day. i know i was once guilty of saying it, but now, come on. Even if you don't have a valentine, make the most of it-- go out with your girlfriends, pamper yourself.. prove to the world that your not lonely and bitter. Because when your begging for a day where you can freely wear red, pink, hearts and anything girly to be over, you sound lonely and bitter.
  • along with valentines day, in MY OPINION, when your guy buys you a rose for every year, unless its been 12 years, your guy is cheap. i know its sentimental, but unless its a dozen for every year, tell your man to put his big boy pants on and get you at least a dozen roses-- plus one for every year. a measley 2 roses in a bunch of baby's breath and greenery looks a little naked, no?
  • the month of february. i never knew how much i disliked this month until yesterday while talking to MW. everyone has been super sick, the weather (although i loved the snow) sucks, and with the general drama going on, this month can suck it.
  • i loathe the hair salon. i have a massively thick head of hair and when i need to get it highlighted, it takes forever. a new salon opened on soco, and everything was 1/2 off so i decided that was reason enough to get a trim and some highlights. i knew the price of highlights and the price of the cut, but when i got the bill and it was $126 i almost threw up. um $126- HALF OFF? wtf did you shampoo my hair with? gold?! when i asked why it was so expensive they were like well we did this treatment and this treatment, and blah blah blah-- um no one asked me if i wanted that, nor do i want to pay for it. SO annoying. my hair looks fab, but for that price (or the real price $252) i won't be going back.
  • back to the hair thing, i forgot to mention i didn't even want to trim my hair, but they make you feel so damn guilty about how bad your "split ends" are and how it will grow faster, that i caved. it had been almost a year since i've cute it, but still. i don't need your guilt!

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  1. completely agree about hating valentine's day! just because you're single, doesnt mean you dont love OTHER PEOPLE! (friends, fam, pets!!)



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