I ran SF.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It happened.
 I did it.
I ran SF.
I got everything ready on Saturday, and took a nice 2 mile shake out run. I was SO nervous, but knew that it was going to happen whether I was ready or not.

CL cooked me a yummy 'light' pasta dinner (it was SO good) and I set my alarm, and attempted to get some sleep.
 I woke up unusually bright-eyed and bushy tailed and we got ready and hit the road. We didn't hit an ounce of traffic and CL was able to drop me off about a block from my corral, so that was nice.
I was able to pee (TMI, I know) and get to my corral with no problems... and then I waited. And waited. And waited. 
The race 'started' at 6:30am and I didn't start until 7:28am. No joke. It took forever. By the time it was 'go' time, my back was hurting from standing around for an hour. 
  The first two miles were PACKED. It was borderline miserable. The first round of hills weren't bad. Inclines in the city are broken up at the intersections so I knew if I took it easy, there was recovery at each intersection and that seemed to work. It was incredibly foggy and misty, so it kept me cool (and wet) for most of the first 8 miles.

Around mile 6 I had to stop and use the bathroom, or there was no chance in hell I was going to finish. It added time to my already slow run, but I don't care. I ran my slowest, probably ever, but I wanted to run the whole thing and I knew I needed to conserve as much energy for the second hill. I didn't care how long it took as long as I finished.
I felt unusually good about my run until mile 10. I had good music, lots of people around being supportive, and it was cool out, so I was on cruise control. I knew I could run 10 miles, but that was the farthest I had gone in my training. Anything past that was uncharted to me! I also knew that past the big hill was downhill and flat and it was less than 3 miles, and I knew I could handle that!
Mile 10 was HELL. I've driven the hilly mile of the Presidio that we ran and its bad in a car, and now I know its bad on foot. I probably could have crawled faster then I "ran", but I kept going. Nike literally had a sign that said '1000 YARDS LEFT GO HILL SEEKER GO' to let us know we were at 'the hill'. Most people around me walked. It seemed to go on forever because of the fog and then at last  I saw it- the sign that said 'WHAT HILL? YOU MADE IT!' I'd never been so relieved.
The course would have been beautiful on a clear day- we ran past the Painted Ladies in Alamo Square, through Golden Gate Park, up the Presidio and down through Crissy Field onto Marina Green. The fog began to lift as I was approaching mile 12, so it was starting to become more clear out, which was nice! 
CL had texted me throughout the race (as did my Mom, & cousin Veronica!) and let me know he and Beckett were at the mile 13 marker, so I was getting excited to see them! Seeing them gave me that little extra boost I needed to finish.. I was tired and hungry by then!
Poor little fella! He was such a trooper!
I finally reached mile 13 and saw CL and have him a quick kiss! Then I turned the corner and saw my Uncle Garry and got a quick high five before making one last turn and hitting the finish line. I had made it.
at mile 13. CL snagged this before I ran over to him!
I ran a half marathon.
I was elated. And tired. And sore. And emotional. Very emotional.
As soon as I crossed the finish line, I of course had to stop and take a selfie. I mean, why not? haha. Whole Foods passed out Nike Women's Half Marathon branded water bottles filled with cold water right after the finish line, which was awesome and much needed. Past that line, Whole Foods also passed out 'Finisher' bags with all sorts of yummy goodies including a banana that I most definitely ate. 
Then the good part. Now, according to legend, I was supposed to be handed a famous blue Tiffany & Co. Box by a fireman in a Tuxedo, so imagine my disappointment when it was just a volunteer (an awesome volunteer- they really were great!). haha. None the less, I was so stoked to get that little blue box- after all I had earned it! (For the record there were suited up firemen, but the lines to take photos with them was LONG and yeah, Im good.)
Just an FYI the yellow and red are the hills...
They had flags set up so you could find family members so I posted up under the L-O flag so CL and everyone could find me. It was kind of nice to have some time alone to reflect and stretch. I was definitely hurting, but I also felt on top of the world.

Everyone came to find me and I was so happy to see them! CL, Beckett, my Uncle Garry,  and my cousin Claudia all got sweaty hugs! 
Claudie's next! She's running a half on November 1st!
   We took lots of photos before heading to a yummy brunch at Green's. It was SO good. Thanks Uncle G!

We headed home to shower (I was SO gross) and relax for a bit before heading to Harry's Hofbrau (my FAV) for a post race celebratory dinner. I've been wanting this for months! I ate every. single. thing. I wanted all the food, and Harry's doesn't disappoint! If you live in around San Jose and haven't been.. you are seriously missing out.
I would have taken a pic of my food, but I inhaled it before I even thought about it. 
CL took Monday off so that I could go to the spa. I had a gift card I had been saving since my birthday, and finally cashed it in for an hour long massage and a spa pedicure and it was amazing. 
 So that's that. I ran a half marathon and lived to tell about it 8 months after I had a baby. And it wasn't that bad. I'd probably run another half in a non-hilly, mild climate area, but no, not a full, so don't ask ;)

OH and a HUGE thank you to everyone for all their love, support, texts, comments, emails and calls over the last few days. I couldn't have done it without every single one of you! It was very much appreciated and it meant the world to me!
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