#WeRunSF Training Weeks 7-12

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wow, I literally cannot believe it's finally race week! It seems like yesterday I registered for the race, and now it's here! I'm anxious, excited, nervous, doubtful, positive, and every other emotion in between!

Here's how the last of my training went!

8 Miles became easy. I've run a few 8 mile runs and they seem to be my sweet spot as far as mileage goes. Not too long, but just right! Nike even featured one of my photos on their facebook! So cool!
 I finally conquered 10 miles. It was long, and hard, but I did it. I had a really bad recovery that really threw me for a loop. I mean it was BAD. It completely broke my spirit and I didn't run after that for almost a week. CL convinced me that I had worked too hard and come too far to give up and to just go out and run a 5k, alone with no music just to get back in it. So I did. And I ran my fastest 5K time to date. 
 I also ran 100+ miles since my training started. I know that seems like nothing for someone training for a half marathon, but for me, it was big time.. 100 miles over a few months?! CRAZY!
I've been keeping up with my training runs as best I could, but taking it easy. Being a full time Mom and still breast feeding is hard enough, but training for something like this on top of that is really hard. 
 I ran my first 10K race (recap here!) and set personal records for my mile, 5K and 10K times!
I also joined in on 2 runs with the Nike Stanford store, and I am SO thankful I did! Not only was I able to run out my nerves that have completely paralyzed me (no joke, i'm waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweats!) I also met some really great, inspiring women (and men!)! Nike really goes above and beyond when it comes to group runs. There's lots of pacers, water, and breakfast after! Plus, everyone is so positive and encouraging! 
me, on the Stanford Track reppin' my Baylor gear. Sic 'Em! 
 I was lucky to befriend Lauren of Lauren Lives Healthy. She is running her 2nd Nike Women's Half. She was really sweet and had a lot of tips and insight to the race! Hopefully we bump into each other again either at the race or out and about! You should check her blog out too! Lots of good, healthy tips! (It's linked above!)
Me, Rachel and Lauren!
Thanks Lauren for the pic!
I also met and befriended the Banarang Runners. Yes. Like in Hook. All I kept saying in my head was 'Rufiooooooo' haha! I actually got lost with one girl (Yo Edronda!) during our run (uh Pacers where ya at?!). They were SO nice and even invited me to come run with them! It was so nice to be welcomed into such a supportive running community! I hope I run into them at the race Sunday! If not good luck!!

Rachel from Nike (check out her blog here!) also gave me lots of tips and was so nice and inspirational! She's a baller and is competing in an iron man next month! She paced us on Saturday and on Sunday and totally helped get me into the mindset I've so badly needed to get into! We literally hugged it out before I left on Sunday! 

Since we did a run with Nike on Sunday, we gained access to early, early packet pickup, so I was able to get my packet before the masses did on early pick up at Stanford Nike on Sunday.. a 4.9 mile run, and skip the line? Sounds good to me! And it was totally worth it.. the line was SO long by 9:25am. I literally walked to the front and got my packet within minutes and got early access to the store to pick up my shirt and buy any other race merch that I wanted (I got a hat!).
I've got a few short runs the rest of this week, then it's game time! I can't believe its time to run the half already! Ahh!
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