Why I'm Running a Half Marathon

Friday, October 17, 2014

There is always a reason behind every decision, and the decision to run a half marathon was no different. Especially when you choose to run one 8 months after you have a baby. And, no, I haven't lost my mind!

I remember sitting on the couch looking at races when I signed up for the 10K talking to CL about how it would be a great way to get back in shape post baby. He agreed. He also liked that it wasn't a monthly gym membership, yoga, spin, or barre classes. (Although for the record, I love my yoga classes!)

When I started training for the 10K (that sounds so lame now, but yes, you have to train for 1 mile, 2 miles, a 5K and beyond) I was looking at my training app and it had me running 10 miles for conditioning. I was like, "Well if I have to run 10 miles, what is 3.1 more on top of that? I should just run a half marathon". And that's how it started.

I was literally in the movie theater with my friend Ashley when registration opened for the lottery for the Nike Women's Half Marathon. I called CL and had him register me, like it was no big deal. People try for YEARS to get into this race. I was safe, there was no way my number was going to get picked! 

Time went on, and I honestly didn't think about it. Then I got the email. My heart sank, my palms started sweating, and my bank account was $187 lighter. CRAP. I was running a half marathon.
So that's the how, but why did I choose running as my way to get back in shape? It's free. It's a mood booster. It gives you energy. It helps with self esteem. It burns a lot of calories AND boosts creativity. Plus I had a lot of motivation!
My Son. I want to show him that you can set any goal and reach it. My journey hasn't been easy, but it's been worth it. I also want to show him that a healthy lifestyle is attainable at any stage of life. 
To prove to myself that I was strong enough to do it. After running 10 miles (continuously) I never felt stronger, weaker, prouder and more tired then I had in my entire life (giving birth included!)
To prove to everyone else that I could do it. All the girls in junior high that bullied me. All the girls that never included me in high school. All the girls that I wasn't accepted by in college. And all the girls that think i'm invisible post college, you are all my motivation. I am a woman of worth, and I don't have to prove it to anyone anymore. I have a wonderful man that loves me, a beautiful baby boy, and a wonderful family. That's enough for me! 
To get healthy. Mentally and physically. Yeah losing weight is great (i've lost 4 pant sizes to date), but being mentally healthy is also a great perk of running. For the physical I had a huge motivator- I had gestational diabetes (surprise!) while I was pregnant with Beckett (For all you out there, being overweight is a factor, but skinny bitches get it too! But it was caught early, early, early in my pregnancy so we were able to be very proactive about it! My fasting was high, but everything else was normal. I did have to take insulin shots, though. IT WAS NOT THAT BAD.) Getting my health under control was top priority, so this was a great way to help lessen any later risks! As for mental health, dealing with the stresses of being a new mom, life, finances, being away from family, and having a very small circle of friends is very rough. But my runs everyday (well almost every day) allow me to clear my head. Postpartum depression is no joke, and exercise is a great way to run those demons away! (For the record, I was never diagnosed with PPD, but i'm pretty sure every new mom deals with some depression/ anxiety and I was no different)
To say I did it. Yeah, I know, not the greatest of motivators, but in a couple days i'll forever be able to say I ran a half marathon. And to me that's pretty impressive.
So, today Beckett and I are off the the Nike Women's Marathon Expotique to get pumped up for the race on Sunday I doubt he's as excited to go as I am, but he's coming anyways! He's part of my 'why' I run-what's yours? 
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