Rock 'N Roll San Jose 10K

Monday, October 6, 2014

One more thing to check off my bucket list of things to complete before Beckett turns 1!
Yesterday, I ran in my first 10K race!  Even though i've run much longer distances in my training runs, this was the first time in a 'race' environment. I've done 5Ks but the last one was kind of a fun run thing, so there weren't any nerves, plus my Mom was there with me, so I wasn't nervous. This time, it was just me and 1,000s of other people.

Unfortunately due to life I hadn't run in a few days (or a week) so I was a  little apprehensive about completing the race in a good time, but boy was I wrong!

We got up bright and early and headed downtown. CL, Beckett and my MIL dropped me off so I had some time to walk out my nerves and get to my corral.. (side note.. I screwed up my registration and got out in corral 1 with the elite/ olympic runners! haha. So yeah, I decided to scoot back a few and ended up in corral 4)
The run started and I got to see CL, Beckett and my MIL right after crossing the start line! They were cheering me on, and off I went. The route lead us all through downtown, which was cool, but there was no breeze and it was 'hot' for San Jose. 

I was keeping pace with the runners around me, which was cool because I ran a 10:49 mile for the first two miles, but it came to bite me in the ass because by mile 4 I was exhausted! I'm not that fast  normally and it was really hard to slow down!

The bands along the course were actually pretty good and it broke up all the running, so that was nice!
I finished and was able to see everyone again right before crossing the finish line! I ended up setting a new personal record for my mile (10:49), 5K (36:19) and 10K (1:15:23)! I was really happy with my run and felt good after!
I'm actually waving even if it doesn't look like it!
  After hanging out at the post-race festival, we headed to Los Gatos Cafe for brunch and I ate every bit of my cinnamon roll treat!
jake and kasey if you're reading this, I ate this in your honor too!
I've got 2 weeks until the half marathon now, and Im getting super excited and nervous and anxious all at the same time! Im hoping the momentum I built at this race carries over to the half!
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