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Monday, October 27, 2014

Beckett's nursery is finally ready to share and I am so happy to finally share it with you!

Before he was born, we knew we wouldn't have a space for him when he arrived (we were in a 1 bedroom apartment for the first month or so of his life) so we had plenty of time to plan his space. Being an interior designer by education and profession I only changed my mind about a million times, so it was good that we waited!

We knew we wanted something boyish, but not too baby, and not too grown up. We went back and forth between elephants and whales, and eventually the whales came out front and I couldn't be happier! We stuck to a nautical-ish theme, and it really fits him! Since his bedding has lots of shades of blue, it was the perfect anchor to the design of his space! Nice, calming, and easy to find things that go together! Not to mention, its a space he can grow into for a few years!
My tips for creating the perfect nursery!
DON'T FRET. If your baby's nursery isn't finished, or you won't be able to give them a space of their own, don't worry, they won't care. Seriously. It drives me nutty when expecting parents are like OMG THE NURSERY ISN'T DONE. The baby will more then likely be in your room for the first few months anyways.
We try and keep everything organized in plastic bins- diapers, burp cloths, bibs, and diaper creams and ointments. If all else fails, at least we know they are in there,organized or not!
Boppy cover by Little Owls Nest and that blue blanket? A birthday gift from my Momadear and Granddaddy. It. Is. DIVINE.
 Use what you have. We re-purposed two chairs and a side table (the leather Ikea Poang Armchair, the little Happy Chic Jonathan Adler side table, and the vintage side chair). While it would have been great to go buy a million dollars worth of nursery furniture, but we didn't have the space, or the million dollars.
Shop wisely. His bedding is from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child and was not cheap.. until it went on sale! If you have your heart set on something that is out of your budget, give it a few weeks. Chances are there will be a sale or a coupon you can use toward something.
  Pick up things as you go! Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was this nursery. We literally got things in phases. We picked up the changing table (similar here) before Beckett was born. My grandparents sent us the bassinet and bassinet bedding (ours is blue and currently residing above Beckett's closet!) before he arrived too. Once we moved my in-laws gifted us the crib, mattress and bedding. Then my Dad gifted us the rug and dresser. And sprinkled throughout my Mom sent the mobilebean bag chair, canvas wall organizer, books, small toy box, toys, clothes, shoes, you name it! (she literally sends stuff every week. she's the BEST Momadear, ever. She seriously spoils Beckett rotten!) I randomly picked up the driftwood anchor (similar here) at HomeGoods, CL ordered the Foscam (monitor) and I am still picking up things as we go!
Literacy starts early! CL reads 1-3 books to Beckett every night before bedtime! His favorite? 'I am a Bunny'
The artwork is actually a card, and that airplane is one of Beckett's favorite toys! Its Doodletown Toys- American Made since 1987!
  Add personal touches! Since Beckett is a baby (duh) he's not the only one hanging out in his room, its a family space. Personal family photos, framed artwork (it's actually a card from our friends!), a framed Tiny Prints birth announcement (see the post on them here!) and our awesome, large mounted prints from Tiny Prints were the perfect touch to his room. We took the photos at the beach, so they were the perfect addition! I also made his name banner and painted his book shelves to match! (Yes, the book shelves are an Ikea hack! Super easy and inexpensive!) And my favorite? Beckett's tiny feet prints on a small canvas at the head of his crib! (Yes, he can stand up and grab at it, it's since been removed along with the mobile...not to mention the cord for the Foscam has been moved as well.) My mom also ordered this precious zoo animal birth certificate from Baby Fable. It's so much nicer then framing the ugly, but official, one from the state!
  I hope you loved his nursery as much as we do! 
Before anyone calls CPS on us... there are clear plug covers on that outlet.. and every other outlet in our entire apartment. They are just hard to see!
A huge thanks to Tiny Prints for sponsoring the mounted prints, we LOVE them! So easy to order and they are beautiful! Not to mention, they were the perfect finishing touch!
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