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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Friday before the race Beckett headed up to the city to check out the Nike Woman's Half Marathon Expotique in Union Square. I had already gotten my packet, so we didn't technically have to go, but I am so glad we did!
The tent took over all of Union Square. It was so cool to see so many women ready to race!
 Niketown prints all the runners names on their store window, so I was so excited to see my name up there. Something about seeing my name up there with 25,000 other runners made it so real and exciting!
 The expotique was so fun. It was smaller then I imagined, but then again it was Nike event, so there wasn't any other sports vendors there. 
I got an airbrush tattoo, and my BMI checked. And no i'm not sharing the results ;)
 Snacked on a YUMMY cupcake from Whole Foods.
Played in the photo book with Beckett.
Made fun cheer posters.
Signed the inspiration wall.. which was later on the course!
 I'm so glad I went.I left totally inspired and fired up. Nike does a hell of a job getting everyone excited. The positive energy was contagious!
Stay tuned for my race recap!
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