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Sunday, July 18, 2010

this weekend was killer.

it started off fun.. dinner at home on friday night to prepare for Saturday's river trip. i packed cake balls (which i will post about later..ugh) and sandwiches and chips for the float. we were in bed early.. because we have to be across town at 8:30am.. ugh.

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we hit the road and of course we had to make one stop for river shoes for damon. which was fine because it was 10:30am and a little early to be slammin' beers on the water. we got in the water a little after noon and it seemed to be smooth sailing. we had a small, fun group, and things didn't seem as complicated as they usually are getting on the water. 

fast forward to the first falls. now, i am a 'pro' floater.. i have never been dumped out of my tube, and never been hurt on the water. until yesterday.

i hit the first set of falls and flipped out of my tube.. all i could hear as the water is tossing me like a rag doll was 'don't freak out'. i grabbed my hat and sunglasses and realized that my tube was over my head, upside down, and that in a few moments, i would be able to stand up, get back in my tube and breathe. drowning crisis averted. a few bumps and bruises have decided to join me. for now.

the second set of falls claimed CL, our cooler FULL of beer and water, his hat, & sunglasses, and robert and his hat and sunglasses as well. we had gone ahead and noticed beer floating and then CL swimming and not in his tube and realized that there was a problem. luckily some people helped us out and we re-claimed some of our beer and dignity and went on our way. thankfully our friends brought enough beer that we could share. after that we all needed a drink.

third falls. i can't even tell you how fast this happened, and how horrible it felt. i went down feet first (like usual) and was catapulted face first out of my tube. so here i am, getting tossed on rocks, boulders, and rushing water face down, in the water and hitting every inch of my body on everything in the water. CL grabbed my tube as a floatation device and tried fishing me out of the water. i have never felt so much pain. i literally put my head in my tube and did everything i could to not lose it. i banged my hip so hard i couldn't feel an entire leg. i am scratched everywhere. my hands look like i got in a bad fist fight. my legs are cut, scratched, and bruised beyond belief. and my body aches. and guess what? we still had 2 hours left on the river. we also lost damon on that fall.. he broke a toe and got pretty banged up as well.

after that, i was (obviously) in a foul mood and just tried to relax for the rest of the float. we made it back and standing up was horrible. my leg hurt (and still hurts) when i walk, and bending my knee is asking for a lot.

this float the river made us its bitches. this one's for you guadalupe 1st crossing to gruene.

we made it home and dropped our friends off and grabbed some much needed chinese food on the way home. needless to say, i was showered, peroxided, neosporened, tylenoled, and in bed by 10. 

sunday was exceptionally relaxing compared to the previous day's excitement. haha.

my birthday ring FINALLY came in!! we went to david yurman and picked it up and had a nice brunch at jaspers at the domain. i am so excited that not only was it ready, but if fit perfectly!! our waitress congratulated us on our engagement and we were like 'OH, no. haha' and i posted a picture that most of you saw and before i could put a caption or comment on it, it was spreading like wildfire that we were engaged.. we are not engaged!! its just a ring with diamonds. a promise ring. a commitment to CL. and thats where we will keep it for now.

i hope everyone else had a great weekend!! 'til monday... xoxo

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  1. 1st crossing to Gruene, and yes, the river did make us it's bitch.

    I'm sorry that you got hurt, and so many items were lost. We won't float that one again for a while. I think we are all too old for that.


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