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Saturday, August 14, 2010

so lets throw some obvious things out there.
- i am an interior designer.
-i love good deals.

now, why this hasn't dawned on me before im not sure, but i am going to start sharing all of my bargain design tips with you all. because i 'Always Design on a Dime'.. or A.D.D. from here on out... once or twice a week. now i know that not every week it will be something 'design'.. it may be places to grab things that 'decorate' your home, but whatever. its part of the job. plus, who doesn't love great accessories?!

this week im im going to let you in on my fav bargain place- IKEA. if you don't have one, im sorry. i really am. i shop there more than I should, but everything is so affordable that even if you love it for a few months then hate it, you don't feel guilty trading up for something else. that and its a great 'we need a coffee table, but the one we want is expensive and we need to save but we can grab something cheap in the mean time' place.

SOLSTRÅLE- vase $6.99! how cute is this? for some daisies? to add a pop of color? LOVE. and it's totally handblown glass!

TRÅDIG- bowl $24.99 modern design at its best. plus, if you put decorative balls, toys, etc. in there you can totally spray paint it another color! (just not too safe for foods that you don't peel or wash first!)

HERRÄNG- vases $14.99/each... LOVE them. all handblown glass.

BJOA- mirror.. $29.99.. perfect for a vanity or by your front door.. you know,for that last minute check-yourself-out-moment!

MALMA- mirros- $2.99!! i love these because they are paintable! you could do a collage of them over your bed, over a buffet, over your couch, in a bathroom- the possibilities are endless!

TOLSBY- frame- $.99!!! and its 2 sided which means 2 photos! perfect for your desk, nightstand, or anywhere really! and for $.99, you can't go wrong!

SOLMYRA- picture- $9.99.. i love artwork, and i love it even more when its cheap and random! we are waiting til its back in stock for our powder bath!

GISLEV- rug- $19.99! its 6'5" x '4" so its a great size for your living room under your coffee table... and cheap enough to not worry about spilling food or drinks on! plus its a good neutral so it will look good with just about anything

FJELLSE- bed.. $49.99.. okay i know what your thinking, BUT for a guest room, its perfect. you can paint it any color under the sun and it will look fab. 

LACK- Side table ($7.99!) and Coffee table ($19.99) these are simple and way less expensive than the wal-mart version.. at wal-mart, the side table is $19.99! we have these in black in the man cave and when side by side, it doubles at an entertainment center! plus they come in 8 different colors!

BÖJA- table lamp- $39.99.. CL is dying for this lamp.. its vintage modern 70s-ish. and lucky guy he is because after the move we may just get one for our new desk!

BORRBY- lantern- $7.99.. mixing costal accessories is a great way to liven up a bookshelf, buffet, side table.. plus the more candles you melt in there the more character you add to it! 


KÅRABODA- lantern.. $1.99! I definitely got a couple of these (thanks mom!) they are frosted glass and look awesome when a tea light candle is lit inside. and for $1.99 you can afford to scatter them all over your house! (plus they will come in handy if your power ever goes out!)

okay, thats good for today. seriously, check IKEA out. you can easily get out of there with a house full of accessories for under $100! try it, i know you'll like it!

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  1. I LOVE Ikea!! I haven't been in a while and feel like I have missed out on a lot of stuff! Next week I am there!


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