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Sunday, August 22, 2010

i know you all have been crying yourselves to sleep since i've been gone, but have no fear, im back in action! 
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we have officially moved in our new place, and not only does it look awesome, but its bigger than the old place! we didn't even know! plus, there are added bonuses.. like a linen closet in the master bath (!!!!!!), a bigger closet with double doors, a bigger yard with access to the dog park, and floors that don't scratch when you walk on them!

we went for a different look here, and i have to say, im pretty proud of the way it turned out. i mean, i am a professional, but still! haha. i'll post pictures as soon as everything is in its place and to my liking.

today also marks a few firsts and lasts!
today, my beautiful cousin Claudia pledged Alpha Delta Pi at Florida State University! I am SO excited and happy for her! Congrats again Claudia!
 (shes on the far left, in the second row from the bottom... stole this photo from my uncle!)

and today is the last day of summer for all the kiddos and all my teacher friends! everyone has been posting photos of their new classrooms and going to bed early, and i have to say im pretty jealous. i know that i too wanted to be doing all of that same stuff, but as usual, my life has taken off in another direction that i am SO happy and excited about. maybe next year... 
and nadia is starting her freshman year at TheHighSchoolForThePerformingandVisualArts and i know she is SO excited.. as is everyone else! She is going to LOVE it there!!

i cannot believe is almost september... where did summer go? anyone going on any last minute summer getaways? i celebrated the end of summer by moving.. what are you up to?

oh and since i forgot to post these.. CL's bday was on the 16th.. Happy Belated CL! I know you had a great one!

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