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Monday, August 23, 2010

okay, now we all know im usually one to complain about the heat.. it's august in texas and its miserable. but mother nature has definitely turned it up a notch.. i was getting in the car today and the car read 120*. One-hundred and twenty degrees. 
we are definitely in the home stretch when it comes to moving.. just a couple more car loads of what i refer to as 'crap', the entire garage/man cave and then the cleaning and painting starts! we have only been moving stuff when the sun goes down, you know cause its so pleasant to be outside at 5pm, and its been working out pretty well.. we know we have a certain amount of time to get things done before bed, so we are utilizing our time very efficiently. go us.

i hope everyone who went back to school today had a fabulous day! i know a lot of 1st year teachers, new high schoolers, and a 6th grader who all were a little nervous, and i hope that their nerves dissipate and they all settle in nicely!

now. wheres fall?!

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