confession session.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

so a few of friends and fellow bloggers have linked on to confession sessions by Confessions of a 20 Something-- check her out!!, and today, i must vent. so here goes.

1. i am a severe procrastinator. i am moving in 12 days and haven't packed a damn thing. BUT i have started on getting the townhouse move in ready.

2. i HATE my current landlord. he is an absolute tyrant and every time i see an email from him in my inbox i cringe. he has sent us email after email about how he thinks we are destroying the property. PUH-LEASE. i just paid my final months rent to him and i am SO happy i won't have to give him money ever again. and take my word- if we dont get our deposit back, you will see us in small claims court. 

3. i panic over financial things 24/7. before CL and I purchase ANYTHING i run numbers at least 3 times. if i see it on paper it makes me feel better. i can't just talk about it, i have to see it.

4. i love being busy, but im working more than one job, im on 2 big boards (ZTA and ASID) and i feel a little overwhelmed. i love my planner and it has seriously been my best friend these last few weeks.

5. a "friend" on facebook posted a status that went something along the lines of 'love doesn't exist, marriage is a joke.. except if your from a small town or her parents'. it was just funny because she is a person who uses sex and her "looks" to get places, for money, and for just about everything. your ability to really love and be loved will start when you stop being a prost.. i mean escort. go back to school, get a degree, learn to be a real woman. 

6. i really have an awesome family. no lie. 


  1. that "friend" sounds like a terribly unhappy and jealous person....


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