Monday, August 30, 2010

after 2ish weeks of moving and 48 hours of intense preparations, we are finally moved out of our old townhouse. as we speak the cleaning crew is over there getting it 'move-in ready' and i am almost relieved. our walk-through is at 6pm tonight, and CL is going to man that operation alone. I can't even force myself into going. I have such a bad taste for our old Landlord that I know if I go, there will be blood. He has been such an inconvenience and flat out pain in my ass for a year that I cannot even give him the satisfaction of showing up. 

I woke up with sweaty palms and a stomach in knots just thinking about how anxious I am for this to all be over and done with. I know that there are a few of you who know the extent of how badly we hate him and how soon we want this over with. I have this fear over our $1200 deposit and $600 dog deposit and how we will never see that money again. My mom told me to go into this expecting nothing and when we get ALL our money back it will be a great surprise. I can only hope. Our landlord is an 'attorney' that can't speak proper english (if you get my drift) and he is going to nickel and dime us out of our deposit. Or that is what I think he is going to do anyways. The townhouse is in pristine condition and move in ready and I have to keep convincing myself that. There is NO reason we shouldn't get our money back. Let's all think positive thoughts on this. I don't want to go to small claims court over this. BLAH.

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hope everyone had a great weekend. CL and I spent it moving. At least the weather was nice! Friday we went to whole foods downtown and grabbed some 'healthy' dinner.. it was 72* out!! yes, you saw that correctly. seventy-two degrees. it was WONDERFUL. we sat outside and enjoyed the cool weather before heading home to work on the old townhouse again. the cooler weather lasted kind of through the weekend, giving us a small break from the 100+ temperatures we had been seeing. it was blissful.

I cannot believe it's already september. oy!

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  1. So, so proud of you for your new job! Also, I'm happy that y'all have moved out of the old place and I can't WAIT to see the new place. Love you! xoxo


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