Friday, August 13, 2010

i hate waiting. despise it. it makes me feel physically ill, and antsy, and i hate it.
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that being said, we have been "pending" for over a week now. at this point, i just want this whole situation to be over with. there have been ups and downs, and 'your good to go!' just to wake up and see cancelled in the am. UGH. (this is nothing major either.. im just over-reacting, but ugh! i just want an answer already!)

i FINALLY was able to go and see our new townhouse yesterday! the guy living there had just moved out and he came over and invited me to go see! now it was still a mess.. the movers had literally just moved out the last boxes, but it still gave me a chance to see what we were getting into! since it's the same floor plan, there wasn't much of a difference.. same granite, lighter cabinets, and DOUBLE DOORS on the closet! oh yea. the bathroom sinks/counters were raised a little higher than what we have now and we need to buy a shower curtain for the guest bath...the backyard and deck are also bigger which is nice, we can finally look for a patio set! we have paint picked out (i know, even after i swore off painting) for 2 walls.. nothing major, but it will add a little color and i know it will look awesome. im excited to get this move started tomorrow! i hope to have some stuff finished by monday- it's CL's bday and we have to celebrate! even if we are in the middle of moving, again.

hope you are all enjoying your friday the 13th! spooky!!

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