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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

so i have the hiccups. bad. i figured i'd start off with that considering its all that i can think of right now. i've tried everything. i would get them when i was younger for days.. and then i would get taller.. i wonder if that still applies now?

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i think the heat has finally gotten to me. im exhausted. all the time. 99% of my job entails running errands.. in and out of shops/ cars/ HOT (as in warm) artists spaces... and by the time i get home, if not sooner, i can barely keep my eyes open. its horrible. i haven't been taking naps or having "quiet" time in months and now its mandatory. and i hate it. its such a waste of time- especially since i should be packing.

speaking of packing i think we have a good grip on this move. im seriously going to make this move my bitch. and then sit put for 2 years then move (again) into something i own. for realz. we are going to move room by room.. one at a time. none of this 'where does this box go?' business. that bed? it goes in the bedroom. DONE. hopefully it works out as smoothly as i am imagining it im head. plus since our leases overlap we won't be rushed, and we will have an empty home to clean and make it move in ready, then basically walk across the street and be done with it. it shall be blissful i tell ya. now if i could only turn the heat down outside...

omg i am still hiccuping!

we should have some pretty exciting news tomorrow. i thought today would be the day, but no. more waiting! ahh!

heaven got a new angel last night.
rip rex.
you were such an nice man and i'm glad i was able to meet you earlier in the year.
CL and I will see you again some day!

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