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Monday, August 2, 2010

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part of the moving process isn't so taxing, you know the new design for the new place. 

now most of you either cringe when it comes to the idea of re-designing your homes. and most of you probably cringe when it comes to color as well. but not me. 

this move has really got my wheels turning when it came to the new style and design we wanted. (lucky for me CL trusts my 'professional' judgement and lets me do whatever-- i just have to pass it by him. he rarely says no.) first i wanted a serene, quiet, candles burning 24/7, spa like atmosphere in the new house. (and from here on out we will refer to the new place as 802. and the old place as 507.) 507 has a bit of an identity crisis.. we tried to make it look cohesive, but its contemporary and modern with a transitional twist. and if you have seen the wallpaper in my bedroom, you know what i am talking about. for 802 i want cohesion. i want city chic. i wanted something that looks and feels hip. and i was stumped. how would i pull this off on my champagne taste with a beer budget (you know, dwr taste with a target and ikea priced budget)? 

and then it happened.

its funny how you can plan and think your doing something, then one day your walking through stockton, hicks and laffey and you see it. a fabric so fabulous that all your previous ideas and planning are things of the past. a fabric that shapes your whole home and makes the sun appear on a rainy day.

and folks, that was me last week.

i found the most fabulous (i know i've said that twice, but it so is!) schumacher fabric. i would show you but that would make the reveal (in months to come) less exciting. its textured, its colorful, its patterned, its mildly affordable ($54/yard designer price.. for all you commoners, its $108!) i had to have it and will as soon as we get settled and i order it. it wasnt one of those, i kind of like it, maybe it will look good. it was a must have, can't live without it moment.

it is the inspiration for the new color scheme for 802. and it going to make this place look everything i wanted. young, fresh, and inviting. i.can.not.wait. its going to look insane on my vintage louis shanks desk chair and bring my barstools into the 2000s. its going to make CL and I look way fancier than we really are. and its going to make my ikea furniture look super chic. oh hell yes.

i am so blessed to be back in interior design. i am blessed that i found my passion again. i am SO excited to get out of 507 and into 802.
its going to be fabulous.

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