um. dc housewives.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

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first off, this bunch of ladies are the biggest one uppers, possibly ever. and it feels awfully incestual if you ask me. who knows.

and um, what in the world is a second tier person? top tier would be... like royalty? a celebrity? sounds a little dumb to me.. especially coming from a modeling agency owner. its not like your saving lives... well unless you consider that feeding the starving models life saving. whatever.

the only partially normal one (to me) is mary and she just seems like the lush in the group.. my kind of gal. not to mention her bad ass closet (a fingerprint door lock?!) and her fabulous house (a designers pottery barn chic dream). plus her husband is pretty damn cute. 

and the political banter? guess what? i think bush is a better person than obama- im not a fan. i didn't vote (at all). sue me. whatever. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. and if you cant handle opinionated people, maybe you should rethink signing up for a reality show. her excuse was 'your husband works for the president- maybe you should rethink that'. um no. im sure there are a million other people who dont just love their boss. yea its cool because he's the 1st black president but what has he done? yea, thats what i thought too. not much change around here... ugh. sorry. no more politics on the blog. none. "dont make politics personal". thanks mary.

basically i see this whole season as a trash talking, ass kissing, hot mess. but that's just me. did you watch? what did you think?

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  1. Amen! I will, of course, watch...but I felt like all of these ladies were totally not relatable...except for Mary -- I did like her a bit. But that Stacie? No thank you. Just because someone doesn't like Tyra Banks and Obama, she is "not a fan?" Guess she'd HATE me. You're right: they're a bunch of one-uppers, and if drama on this show is because Michaele is too skinny, then I don't know how long I'll be a fan. Bring back O.C.!


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