Tuesday, August 24, 2010

happy tuesday ya'll.
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lots going on 'round here. and by here i mean the blog. im sure you have all noticed a few changes. i cannot make up my mind on how i want this damn thing to look, so i've been shopping professional blog designers for some help. this is what gbst will look like for the mean while.. when i hit 10,000 hits, im going to pay for someone to re-vamp and customize my blog for me! so tell your friends to read me and maybe in a couple of weeks we can have a total overhaul!

have i ever mentioned i love random acts of kindness? 
well i do.
today while on my way to target to get contact solution (i never have enough) a guy in camaro was stalled at a light.. i noticed some traffic and couldn't figure out what was going on.. 2 other motorists blocked lanes, put their flashers on, and got out in the heat (it was 3:30ish) and helped this stranger push his car under the overpass and out of the sun. i was so happy to see that people are kind enough to get out of their fancy (land rover and mercedes) air conditioned vehicles to help a complete stranger in the middle of the day. it made me smile. and im sure that kid in the camaro was smiling too.


  1. my friend allison pimped my blog!! you should check out her design site!! Im sure she would help you and shes just starting her design business so im sure it will be very reasonably priced!

  2. i totally emailed her earlier!! haha

  3. well send those folks to denton. i almost got ran over yesterday (while on my bike), then someone yelled at me to ride on the side walk...hello! side WALK. not side RIDE. then, this morning a lady was cussing a man out who had a stalled car with a baby in it. oh the joys of biking to and fro.


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