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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

as i sit here, at my new desk, with my new workspace, real construction plans sprawled out everywhere with my music on working feverishly on SketchUp, i have such bittersweet memories.

Sweet in the memories i have of staying up all night in the CAD lab working on projects that have no real-life significance. i mean, they taught us all the basic tools we need to succeed, but the more i think back on school projects, i really think they were designed more for us girls to bond over taco cabana at 3am. i'll never forget those nights. or that lab and the girls who share all those memories with me.

and bitter in the sense that my back is killing me, my contacts are dry from staring at the computer, and my wrists hurt from using a real mouse again. 

am i complaining? no. im happy. i really am.
here's why.

i just spent 4+ hours working on a furniture plan that IS ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. and its for a great cause (its for a non-profit.. check it out HERE). and i was asked to do this. no one said this has to be done by xyz time and your getting graded on it. this is REAL. and im so glad. this is why i signed up for this profession..helping others and making their lives that much better.

...and not many/ no one really knows that im an intern for a design magazine. something im very excited to be a part of, and i spend hours researching products, and soon will be fact-checking articles for the next issue. you know your jealous! i was lacking on my current assignment, but i have my head on straight now and i hope that im doing a good job. you never know. i turned in some more stuff and hopefully i get a thumbs up. i'll keep you all posted. 

and yes. i know this photo has absolutely NOTHING to do with this post. but the more i look at it, the more it makes me giggle.

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