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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


i've been looking for something that i could do once a week, every week. most of my friends have "wedding wednesday" or weekly posts about their baby on the way, but i have neither of those things, so you'll get a chance to learn a little about me every wednesday now! my friend kristen at all in my twenties not only introduced me to this bit o'fun, but she also gave my my first blog award! yay!! all the fab details are located at the end of this post! hope you enjoy!

1. what is your all time favorite dessert?
hmm.. this isn't as easy to answer as i thought! i have a HUGE sweet tooth-- but i think if i had to choose something, it would be chocolate lava cake with homemade vanilla ice cream. YUM
(image via google images)

2. how many siblings do you have?
i have one younger brother- Nic. he's the best brother i could have ever asked for. love you NB

3. have you ever had your heart broken?
eh. this is one of those never ending questions. cause yes, it could have been broken, but then something else comes up and is even worse than the last one. BOOM. but yes. i have had my heart broken. if you are a child of divorced parents you know the feeling. its the most heart breaking thing that can happen to you (other than death) and while it broke my heart, it has made me a stronger person and has strengthened my relationships with my mom, dad, and brother-- all individually. 
(image via google images)

4. did you play any sports in high school?
yup! i was on the varsity cheerleading squad and the tennis team all 4 years of high school! go me!
thats me on the right (duh) and amber. this is the only cheerleading pic i have on my computer. whatever did we do before digital cameras?!

5. can you post a picture from your prom?
haha oh yea. this is from my senior prom. that was my boyfriend/date will.. i wonder what he's up to these days?

...and now for the blog award!
The Simple Rules
1. Give the award to 10 sweet bloggers that you love!
2. Make a post about the award including the person who gave it to you.
3. Put the award on your blog.

okay, so im going to cheat and give it to a few fellow bloggers because most of the people i'd send it to already got it!
so (drum roll please)... congrats:

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