brave girl.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

today was a big day for me. not only was it the first official day of summer (in my opinion anyways), but i did something i haven't done in years. since nadia is in town, and the weather was perfection, we decided to spend the say at barton springs pool. yes. a public pool. brave girl me wore a bikini. in public. with a lot of people. and i owned it. i walked around, swam, and get this. I JUMPED OFF THE DIVING BOARD. yea, i know. when was the last time you did that??

being that it is friday and what we consider date night, we took NY out to dinner and tried to go see 'get him to the greek'. yea, i know, i said tried. we get to the theater and buy tickets. no line, no crowd. and then we get carded. at the entrance. and guess who won't let us be NY's guardian. thats right. me and CL. i told them i was her guardian and they asked to see my court papers. well a few choice words were exchanged, we got our money back, and i refuse to ever go back to cinemark round rock ever again.

'til then, it's tim burton's alice in wonderland.

dos gatos kolaches and floating up next!!

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