mah weekend.

Monday, June 28, 2010

this weekend was such a whirlwind! friday was our usual date night. we headed to moonshine, which is closely becoming one of my favorite restaurants in austin. there is usually a wait, but its worth it! we were going to go to the movies after dinner, but we decided to call it an early night because of out jam packed saturday! 

saturday we headed out to emma long park to meet up with michelle and her crew to go out on the boat. we loaded up and headed out on the water.. the weather was awesome! it was hot, but not too hot, and it was sunny, but not too sunny. we tied up with a few other boats-- one even had a flat screen on it so we all were able to watch the USA/Ghana match.. unfortunately the US lost, but we all celebrated anyways. we all had a great time and i did NOT get sunburned this time! 

after we spent the majority of the day on the water, we hit dry land running. we rushed home, changed, let the dogs out, and CL made me a PB&J sandwich, that may or may not have saved my life. i may have had one too many drinks out in the sun and we skipped lunch.. it was touch and go in the car ride home from the lake... anyways, we headed back into town to meet my cousin Michele and her husband Eric and their friends Derrick and Emily at Stubbs BBQ for dinner. it was SO good to see them! we haven't really had a chance to see or talk to them since the wedding, so any chance to catch up with them is awesome!

sunday, we signed our new lease-- 24 months! yay! we are SO excited to stay put for more than a year. now we have to start packing to move down the street

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  1. I love hooking up with boats and just hanging out.. Lots of people watching :) A flat screen on a boat? That's new to me.. Do you go out on the boat a lot? By change going to Aquapolooza?


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