Picture Posting FYI

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

before you read this, YES, i used pictures of both myself and my friends. friends, i did not do this so you would get mad or hate me, i did it because its more fun and personal than googling some poor person on google images. consider this your GBST debut.

today's little lesson is about on-line photo posting etiquette. you know, what you should share and what you should keep to yourself. now, im not an online editor of any sort, or the online photo police, but there are some recent posting occurrences that have made me raise my red flag and complain to my girlfriends. now, i also know that once upon a time, before Zeta scoured my facebook photo albums,  i too had some incriminating photos posted. and now that we are all "working" we have all selectively edited our photos as well. here goes.

NEVER (especially if you want to be published in some hoity toity publication.. think Paper City) be photographed with a cup in your hand. Ladies "don't booze", and if your immortalized in print with a big 'ole beer in your hand, well, a photo is worth 1,000 words. use your imagination. And while we are on the drinking topic, the only ones acceptable are wine and champagne, beers at the pool, 21 year old birthdays and appropriate Vegas Bachelorette Pics. you want to look like a responsible drunk anyways.

continued from the alcohol talk, let's speak about glassy eyes, passed out, markered up faces.. people, posting photos of your friends drunk and out of their minds- not cool. i know its fun to take them, but really, leave them in a folder on your desktop. you don't want to be the one responsible for tagging your bff in a sloppy drunk picture and causing them to not get the job or the promotion.

lets talk babies. babies are cute. WHEN THEY ARE BORN. i know that theres this awesome technology now that has 3D and 4D images as well as the old 2D ultrasounds, and that they amazing to look at if your the parents, immediate family, close friends, your personal blog.. but as your facebook photo.. dude, those 3D and 4D inside your belly, unborn child photos are CREEPY. the end. belly and pregnancy photos are adorable.. keep those coming, but lets keep a minimum on the creepy alien baby photos, k?(disclaimer: i have not been and am not pregnant, so my views on this may very well change when i decide to start a family, then, yes, i very well may become one of these creepy picture posters that i dont particularly like.) (image via google images.. i figured i'd protect the rights of my friends kids).

thats it for today. there very may be a part 2... stay tuned!


  1. THANK freaking YOU!!!!! Especially the baby part. Geeze, seriously. :)
    This is why I love you.

  2. Amen Amen Amen!!! hahaha!!! I couldn't agree more.. makes me think about the drink in hand though, hmm maybe I'll do some pic editing on my fb, ha


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