oh life.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

life is full of strange surprises. this past week i have had more than one friend lose parent. i've argued over wether or not evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk is the same. (its not) i've heard things out of people i would never wish upon anyone. the guy that is currently living in our new townhouse asked for $1000 for his patio set. (um no) i've prepared as much as i can for an event that could potentially be awesome. i got a surprise phone call from an old friend and had a great laugh. (shes not old but i've known her for a while!) and they finally poured concrete for new parking here. i've been attacked for having an opinion and a college degree. i've been showered and dressed every day this week before noon. a tennis match at wimbledon  set the record for the longest match, ever. and to top it off our president fired general mcchrystal for his remarks printed in 'rolling stone magazine'...

(photo via photobucket)

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  1. Guess how much I love you? A freaking lot. :)
    (And I like your photo from Photobucket, buddy.)
    LOVE YOU! Good luck tomorrow!! Call me after, please!


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