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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

last night CL and I watched a PBS presentation on I.M. Pei. CL was sweet enough to see it and record it for me in March.. and we just now got around to watching it. One of my last projects in college was a kiosk model that was inspired by a great american architect. I was lucky enough to get Mr. Pei. The more i researched and learned about him, the more I grew to love him, his style of architecture, and his attitude. he is all about innovation, impeccable lines, and creating contemporary designs in a much more classic environment. i know that my style and taste in design is more contemporary than "shabby chic" which is what a majority of people prefer. Pei's work is a lot like that.. I mean, he built a glass pyramid in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris.. hello! he works with simple materials.. glass, steel, and concrete, and plays with light and angles, and feng shui. and have I mentioned how cute he is? i LOVE the round glasses! watching that show last night really inspired me to get back in design. its what i love and its what i love to do and im not going to let anyone stand in my way anymore. I.MUST.DESIGN.anything. i've been toying with a few new ideas and am working on some designs.. including custom headboards, furniture, and affordable 'i'll work with any budget and time limit and size room/apartment/house' packages. it really helps when you have a boyfriend with a bunch of power tools and space to play in!
(I.M. Pei Photo via Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Architects LLP)

I am ready to work! check the website ( soon for more info!)

of course i cannot find the CD with the images of my model on it at the moment, but here are some pics of his work. 

The Louvre Pyramid
(Image via google images)

The Bank of China Building
(image via google images)

The Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame
(image via google images)

Suzhou Museum
(image via google images)

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