things im loving right now, version 6.24.2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

im bored. so here more of what im loving right now. enjoy!

the new apple iPhone iOS 4 update. hello folders and wallpaper and books, OH MY!
(image via google images)

instant netflix. it is the best thing, ever. movies, tv.. whenever you want it!
(image via google images)

beach hair. i've almost perfected it. it's the perfect pool to dinner look.
(image via google images)

sleepy doggies. its the cutest thing watching molly sleep. not in a creeper way, but ugh. puppies.
(these are from when molly was a bebe!)

lemonade. i can't drink enough. i dont know what it is about summer and lemonade that makes me crave cold lemonade, but theres a strong pull there! we can't keep enough in the house!
(image via google images)

7:30pm. its the perfect time of day. i open the doors, pull the shades back, take the dogs out.. its just serene.
(image via google images)

this video. its delicious! i may not agree that california girls are the best (texas girls are, duh!) but i adore katy perry and love this video.. someone get me that silvery-blue/purple wig asap!!

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  1. Plugging my phone in now to get that update!

    Texas girls are by FAR better :)


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