a wee bit of me wednesday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

it's wednesday ya'll! enjoy!

If someone game you a brand new yacht, what would you name it?
'wishful thinking' because it would never happen! it would be nice though.. and my birthday is right around the corner!!

Have you broken any bones? if yes how?
i haven't! knock on wood! i have had torn ligaments in my ankle (jet ski accident), a partially separated shoulder (snowboarding), a pulled IT band (thank you tennis) and various other minor injuries!

Who would win in a fight: pirates or ninjas?
pirates. they fight dirty! haha

What are you most excited about right now?
even if i say im not, im really excited about my birthday! which coincidentally is july 4th as well! its always a great mid-summer break! i really have no plans as of right now, but i know that there will be cake (or cupcakes) and fireworks!!

What was your favorite TV show as a child?
dumbo's circus. my mom told me the other day that i had to watch it daily. or else!

What message would you want to put into a fortune cookie?
"never give up hope.. just because one door doesn't open doesn't mean there isn't another hallway full of opportunities"

If you could be invited to one person's birthday party, who would you choose?
hmm.. this is a hard one!! lets go with this... katyperry.chelseahandler.danecook.johnmayer. is that one word?

Do you believe in LUCK?
i believe in luck, serendipitous moments, karma, and timing.

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