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Thursday, June 10, 2010

every now and then, my frustration level with my life hits code orange. and today is one of those days. for those who don't know, i've been unemployed since november thanks to this awesome economy and the industry im in-- im an interior designer. ive taken classes to get my alternative teaching certification, and kept pretty busy observing and mentoring most of the spring semester. im also getting unemployment "insurance" aka money. and thats nice. but what isn't nice is that i, required by law, have to apply for a minimum of 3 jobs a week to qualify for my funds. and i do. i actually do more than that. and if my math is mildly accurate thats about 96 applications i've filled out. and lets add in the fact that this week alone i've applied for over 6 jobs. so lets say that i've applied for around 120 jobs since november. and guess what? NOT ONE INTERVIEW. NOT ONE LEAD. NOTHING. what in the world?! i have a bachelors degree from Baylor, experience, and a willingness to do ANYTHING. i don't get it. and whats worse is that no one seems to believe that im working my azz off looking for work. everyone thinks i just sit here, at home, all day long in my pjs and watch tv. well yea, sometimes i dont get dressed and i do watch a lot of tv, but im also searching 5-7 hours for jobs. it's frustrating because people dont think im trying. i am. this isnt easy and trust me i hate every freaking second that im not working. i hate being someones burden. i hate not being able to make and save my own money. it freaking sucks. and in case you haven't had the privilege of filing out an application recently it takes anywhere between 30 mins- an hour to fill one out. goodness. im being patient and crossing my fingers that something, anything, will come up soon. if it isn't for my wallet, its for my sanity. and please, if you know or hear of anything in the austin area, PLEASE hook me up!

grrrrr. and let's top this enlightening post off with this crap that is the realignment of college football conferences. dear texas, texas tech, texas atm, nebraska, and colorado. SUCK IT.


  1. I LOVE YOU! (And I don't think you just sit there doing nothing all day...though I will gladly trade you some days.) Good luck, love, and I will pray that something comes soon.

  2. Have you interviewed with staffing agencies. Sometimes they can get you interviews and they know of job listings that arent online. Also try contacting Cochran maybe she has contacts in your area. Hope you find something soon!


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