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Sunday, June 27, 2010

while strolling through the mall today i noticed that shopping isn't just shopping anymore. among the stores full of clothes and shoes, the kiosks full of soap and hair straighteners and whatever the gypsies are trying to sell to you.. in the midst of all this are shops set up in the middle of the hallways.. of which i think should  be done in an office of some sort. for example:

teeth whitening. not only is this probably best done in a dentist chair, but out front of hollister? weird. i mean, everyone can see you with the goop in your mouth, with that weird mouthpiece holding your mouth wide open, heavy sunglasses and a blue light. not exactly something you would want to have done in the hallways of the mall. in my opinion anyways.

massages. i know shopping is gruesome but seriously, if you need a knot worked out, maybe you should make an appointment at a spa and get a good rub down. in between the hustle and bustle of the mall, is the most relaxing place to get a massage in the middle of mall? probably not.

eyebrow threading. ladies, i know its a part of life, but getting your bushy brows manicured in the middle of the mall... not exactly lady like. i know there are places that do this in the privacy of an office or room. i mean, i know that when i get mine (my eyebrows) waxed or threaded, i dont want anyone to see how bad they look before.. and you shouldn't either.

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  1. hahahaha I couldn't agree more!!!! SO random now..


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