Tuesday, June 29, 2010

these last few days have been so hectic and i have so much going on that i cannot even get a clear thought out. with my birthday fastly approaching and a few 'top secret' things up my sleeve, i have not a moment to relax! i've been picking out birthday cakes, and trying to find a restaurant for my birthday dinner, and of course trying to find the perfect birthday outfit! my birthday is july 4th by the way... my mom is coming up this weekend to visit and of course my house is a mess and i cannot concentrate on cleaning and organizing  on top of everything else that is going on! ahh!

anywho. since my birthday is approaching i figured i'd share with everyone my fantasy birthday wish list. 

a new car. duh...

these shoes... um yes, please! they are the perfect summer sandal.. sparkles and everything!

another piece for the collection...

money! and lots of it...

a 3d tv.. come on, you know you want one too!

for the new place. king size. 

some of these. delivered weekly.

i've always loved this. classic and modern.

a classic must have.

...and thats about it. 
happy pretend birthday to me!
(all images via Google Images)

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