blah day.

Monday, June 21, 2010

just a few things today.

it takes me an average 10 minutes to blow dry my hair. what in the world! thats over an hour a week just standing in front of the mirror just drying my hair. ridiculous!

(while watching the bachelorette tonight...) chris harrison just called ali out big time. she's almost positive she will fall in love. errr. wrong answer. they should have picked tenley.

what is the obsession with vampires? did i miss the boat? i dont get it. nothing (ok, besides true bood) is that appealing to me. and all the knockoff shows? spare me.

and today i've been up and down. some cool things are happening in my life, and i still have friends that arent being supportive. its really hard for me to act happy when people in my life are still giving me a hard time. im always supportive to all my friends, wether or not they know it and it would be genuinely appreciated if everyone could, just for a day, be supportive of me and know that im giving 110% in every aspect of my life.

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