"i can't make my bed. i've tried and i can't figure it out, it's hard."

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

and no. that's not me. i make my bed quite often and scrub my toilet with bleach... my new guilty pleasure is definitely "your cut off" on vh1. omg. its like a train wreck that you cannot take your eyes off of. its about a bunch of spoiled, wealthy girls whose families cut them off financially and have to work with a life coach on getting a grip on their lives. it's pathetically ridiculous. let's just say one girl has a child and refused to breast feed her because she wanted to sleep, has NEVER changed a diaper and had/has a nanny that deals with her 24/7. its a child, not an accessory. this same idiot (gia) also has a husband that hand feeds her in bed every morning. um wtf is wrong with people? im watching more or less because houston's own erica rose is on the show. im pretty sure she's a great actress, because she's in law school, and NO one that A-passes the lsat or B-gets in to law school is that domestically challenged. she has a line of tiaras and some of them are pretty freaking cute. hmmm...

this afternoon, after completing a MOUNTAIN of laundry, i got a bee in my bonnet and did a little "spring" cleaning.. im talking 3 trash bags full of clothes and shoes that were either "fat clothes", clothes i haven't seen or worn in years, and stuff i was keeping, you know just in case. i feel SO much better now that all those items are gone out of my closet. im sure when we move in august, i'll get rid of much more, but for now, im content. and CL is too since he now has some closet space! :)

in worldly news, we had a crazy rainstorm last night that devastated most of gruene and new braunfels. water rose over 20 feet in mere hours causing major damage to local attractions and businesses. even schlitterbahn is flooded. people were being rescued and everything.. how scary! once everything gets cleaned up, everyone should go float the river and help them get everything back in order!

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