things im loving right now, version 6.8.2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

my brain is fried. i can't think. so your getting another version of what im loving right now... enjoy :)

sinful colors nail polish in rise and shine (#940). it is the perfect summer color. it makes you look tan, its happy, and sinful colors is CHEAP. you can find it at walgreens-- 2 for $3!!

glee. whatever, you know you kind of like it too. and hello.. mark salling? too cute for words.

yellow sundresses/ sundresses in general. i bought one from VS the other day. if it doesnt scream summer and tan and makes you smell coconut scented sunscreen, you should probably go on vacation and catch the summertime fever.

being confident. im owning my self and my body and its awesome. im doing things i havent done in years and it such a great feeling. ive been missing out on life and im catching up!

the side braid. im lazy. i hate doing my massively thick hair in the heat of the summer. good thing this hair style is not only trendy (go me) but super easy and cute.

guys and jewelry. i know it seems like a bit much, but CL wears a ring I gave him for his birthday and has recently started wearing his late grandfathers ID bracelet (it now has CL's name on it). and its kind of sexy. 

cocoa butter lotion. where has this been all my life? not only does it smell like summer (again with the coconut scent) but its awesome for sun-kissed, dry skin. i have this one (i LOVE target) and its freaking amazing.

and while were on personal hygiene, im totally obsessed with old spice fiji deodorant. i read on a random blog a while back about it, and being curious, had to go try it.. OMG. yes, its mens deodorant BUT it is awesome. it really smells like what the sticker says "palm trees, sunshine and freedom". its the perfect summer deodorant for both girls and guys alike. true story, my brother and i both wear it.
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  1. Yep. I'm totally going to buy that deodorant today! I am completely obsessed with summertime, coconut and palm trees!


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