what weekend?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

so yesterday we went and floated the river with a few of our friends. we were gone basically all day.. and i have the sunburn to prove it. everyone knows that i am pretty fair skinned. even though i wore a 30spf all day and reapplied more than once, im pretty red in a few uncomfortable spots. mainly my chest and one of my shins. yea, sunburn your leg and you will never do it again. its terrible. beers were consumed, snacks were eaten, laughter was shared, one tube was lost and a fun time by all was had. we even ran into CL's cousin and his wife randomly on the river, my awesome BU ID friend caitie waiting in the shuttle line, and a cute little taylor bobb made me feel pretty cool as she yelled my name as she floated past us as we were rearranging our tube situation. we are supposed to go again next weekend, but if this sunburn doesnt heal quickly, i may not be in the sunshine for a while!

going backwards in time.. on friday i met up with a jason (you can check his company out HERE) and his family for lunch! we went to high school together and have kept in touch ever since! his family is SO nice and it was so great to catch up with them! after we left lunch jason and I cruised over to carlos n' charlies for a couple of drinks out on the lake.. it was great to catch up with jason and to hear all his new business ventures. not to mention, i forgot how much fun it was to sit by the lake (surrounded by bikers.. it was ROT Rally Weekend) and to drink frozen, delicious drinks! hello summer time! and since friday is date night, CL took me to a great dinner and we sat and chatted over a bottle of wine. I adore our date nights. he's the best.

today we are checking out a new townhouse in the same place we live now. as long as the unit is clean and the landlord is cool we should be good to go! wish us luck!

hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend as much as i did! xoxo

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