nba finals- ikea wins?!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

hmm. while today is the big nba championship, i could really care less. (the lakers are playing the celtics in case you didn't know and care to) im not a huge fan of professional sports (except the houston astros) and i really dont particularly care for basketball at all. i played in 8th grade and that was about it. it was fun while it lasted, but now i could really give two s-, well im really not interested. CL is making us watch the game before we get to watch another architectural movie on frank gehry.. whoo hoo.

anyways, im exciting news, CL and i found and have put a deposit on a new townhouse! we are moving to a different unit in the same place we live now. its on the dog park, so even though we wanted a house with a yard, we are kind of getting one-- all we have to do is open the gate in the backyard and voila! dog park. im really excited. all the excitement of moving has also gotten my creative juices flowing. in the new place things are going to be SUPER organized. the colors are going to be more relaxed and calm. and my bed will be king size. CL and i are really looking forward to the move and looking even more forward to having a super cool landlord. (we decided to meet him before discussing ANY lease terms and he more than passed the test). im also excited that we are going to be there for 2 years. 24 months and no moving. i wonder what that will be like?!

ANYWAYS.. because we are moving and things are going to look different in the new place, i took it upon myself to go to ikea because they have everything. seriously. i freaking LOVE ikea. you can literally spend an entire day browsing every aisle-- they have a restaurant and a snack counter! i dont care that i have to put my furniture together (its easy). its not as flimsy as it used to be and they are affordable and stylish. i've picked out a few things, and am getting really excited about the new look of our future abode. our townhouse now is a little here and there.. young and fresh. the new place will be young and fresh but more put together. i can't wait.

(lake/celtic & ikea photos via google images; bedroom photo via serena & lily)

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