ring by spring? psh.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

so my friend Kaci, of The Fit Craving, posted about marriage and things this morning (well it was friday morning-- the day i originally wrote this, but i got a little busy and am just now posting!), and it really made a lot of sense. and i think the two of us are on exactly the same page about things. (Read her post HERE) i may watch a ton of bridezillas, say yes to the dress, and platinum weddings, but im still the independent, i dont need or want your help girl. and i know i have zero control over when and if i'll get married. (scary!)

and because we live in the south, and after graduation (baylor=ring by spring=STUPID) or until your 25, and no one's put a ring on it, your "damaged goods". um im not damaged, or am i dying any time soon. i have my whole life ahead of me and im really not too concerned with CL running off with some young tramp. and if he does.. i wont even have to worry, his mom will beat me to the beating!

aand because its wedding season, and i was just in a wedding, people are constantly asking when its our turn. our turn? yes, we have been dating for almost 2 years and have been living together for a year. our turn is when we are ready. ready financially at least. i know CL doesnt want to marry someone with a shopping habit like mine, being that i dont have a job. i know he doesn't have 10k for a ring, and combined i know neither one of us are prepared to pay for a wedding-- those things are EXPENSIVE. we love our life together right now, and even though i keep dropping hints, a 'big sparkly' isn't going to make me love him any more than i do.. cause eleventy-billion love units is a lot. trust me.

so don't mark your calendars any time soon. and you can still pester us about it, but we are getting better and better about avoiding answering!

happy weekending!!

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  1. OMG, I feel you guys' pain! Try dating for 3 years and hearing that after the first year?! Now everywhere we go, "when are y'all getting engaged?" "When is he going to propose?" I have a usual answer, "ummmm maybe in a year." Mostly to get them off my back and change the subject. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to finally get engaged, but honestly, our finances suck and are in no shape for that! I am just glad there are other girls out there such as myself that WON'T be asking us that question! :o)


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